Q. What is a Hapa?

A. A Hapa is someone that identifies as half-Asian. The word is originally taken from the Hawaiian term Hapa-Haole, which means half-White.


Q. Why was Hapa Mag created?

A. We created Hapa Mag as a way to build a community and to share our unique perspectives on life.


Q. I want to write for Hapa Mag. How do I go about doing this?

A. Please email us at TheHapaMag@Gmail.com with your article or story pitch. We also love fiction and poetry submissions as well.


Q. I'm not Hapa, but I want to write for you can I still submit?

A. All submissions will be considered on a case-by-case basis. If you feel that you can contribute something that relates to or reflects the Hapa experience, please send it our way!


Q. How often does an issue of Hapa Mag get published?

A. We are currently a quarterly magazine.


Q. Is there a print version of Hapa Mag I can buy?

A. Currently we are online only. However, if you would like to donate CLICK HERE.