A Letter From Alex Chester - July 2018

Alex Chester.jpg

Hey friends! Today we have a very special pop-up issue just for you! We are featuring some awesome visual and theatrical artists, like Jamie Sunwoo and her SPAM-inspired storytelling or the eco-friendly Hapa artists of the Planet Connectivity Theatre Festivity. Along with that, Hapa Mag’s Melissa Slaughter explains why she hates pop-ups. Which ironically, is exactly what this issue is... Sorry, Melissa. 

We also tried out some amazing ice cream spots in Lower Manhattan! Real ice cream at that too! None of that weird vegan friendly stuff. Sorry, not sorry, vegans. We can cover that in another issue. 

We hope you’re having an awesome summer. If you have a favorite pop-up happening, leave a comment. And maybe we will see you in September at our One Year Anniversary Party!

Peace, love, remember to stay cool and be kind to your fellow humans.

- Alex