Favorite Disney Character



Alex Chester


I’ve always thought of Jasmine as a badass princess. She knows what she wants and isn’t afraid to go for it. Also, she’s a POC princess. 


Olivia Chen


So many more, but I’ll be somewhat predictable. Plus, I was her for Halloween some time during elementary school. 


Lauren Hardie


1. When I wear my hair out, little kids sometimes call me Moana. 

2. She’s a legit badass and her sidekick is The Rock.

3. Lin-Manuel Miranda.


Autumn Henry


This is the best greedy, frustrated, foul mouthed parrot in all the land! Who doesn’t love a good juxtaposition of a typical gorgeous animal like a scarlet macaw mixed with Gilbert Gottfried’s voice. Yes, please.  


Rebecca Lee Lerman


A robot with a huge heart— adorable, innocent, unassuming— and with his crush, EVE, is able to find green on Earth and save the world from extinction. What’s not to love?

Buzz Lightyear

Nathan Liu


I was born the year Toy Story came out. I had a Buzz Lightyear action figure growing up. I guess I admire characters who are able to recover from tragic revelations about their identity and rebuild from there. It gives me hope. 


Matt Park


A weird half-octopus sea witch who sings an awesome song… I don’t need to sell this. It sells itself.

CGI Princess Leia (as seen in Rogue One)

Gen Parton Shin

Princess Leia.gif

I can’t wait for the nude scenes when Disney has finished ruining Star Wars and the franchise gets picked up by Pornhub.


Melissa Slaughter


When I was six years old, I told my mom Pocahontas was my favorite Disney princess because she was “brown like me.” I was too young to see Aladdin in theatres when it came out, and Mulan made me stressed because everyone around me assumed that being of Asian descent meant being Chinese like Mulan. Pocahontas came at that sweet spot where a first grade girl with tan skin, brown eyes, and long black hair, could see herself on screen. Pocahontas was a strong independent woman who didn’t need a man. Instead she chose her own path. Also, this movie has the best songs. Fight me. 


Sam Tanabe


Stitch is a little menace, but at least he’s not basic and boring. He is super cute and lives in one of my favorite places (Hawaii, not outer space). Post movie, rehabilitated Stitch is ideal because he puts family first, has extraterrestrial abilities, and makes me laugh. I just stan an entertaining koala sidekick.


Lauren Nakao Winn


I’ve got a soft spot for spunky strays.