8 Hapa Women Who Made History: Princess Ka‘iulani


Princess Ka‘iulani (October 16, 1875 – March 6, 1899)

Victoria Ka‘iulani Cleghorn was the last princess of the Kingdom of Hawaii. Born to Princess Miriam Likelike (sister of the king, Kalākaua) and Scottish businessman Archibald Scott Cleghorn, Ka’iulani was never able to fully ascend to her rightful place. Due to nefarious political machinations, Hawaii was annexed to the United States and the queen (Ka‘iulani’s aunt Lili’uokalani) was ousted.

Over the years, Ka‘iulani has remained a figure of historical intrigue. She was childhood friends with writer Robert Louis Stevenson, and she was educated abroad in England starting when she was 13 years old. She actively advocated for the Hawaiian people, before annexation and after. She is a Hapa princess worthy of celebration.

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