A Letter From Alex Chester - March 2019


Welcome to Hapa Mag’s first issue of 2019.

A lot has happened since our last issue. We got our first Hapa superhero movie Aquaman (please read Melissa Slaughter and Lauren Hardie’s article here). I was so lucky I had the chance to witness this movie with a bunch of my Hapa peeps. I literally screamed “YASSS” every time Jason Momoa appeared, and we cried and laughed and just basked in the mixedness of this awesome movie together. It was a beautiful experience.

I seriously think we Hapas have a superpower: the power of bringing people together and seeing things from different perspectives. Day after day, the news is one horrible thing after another, but we can use our superpower by being the bridge that unifies people. Many of us have struggled with being an “other” and the feeling of unworthiness, just like Aquaman. But just like Aquaman, I hope you embrace your otherness, your uniqueness. Hapa Mag is here for you. We want this community to be filled with love and acceptance—something this world desperately needs.