Whisky Reviews

By Alex Chester



I’m a whisky kind of gal! It’s my poison of choice. I’m not hard core about whisky at all, but I know what I like. If I am out with friends, I usually drink Maker’s Mark or Woodford Reserve on the rocks. If I’m feeling real fancy, I’ll order a Manhattan, mainly for the cherry. However, recently I was introduced to The Lost Distillery -- an independent boutique Scotch whisky company -- and I think my go-tos have been replaced. Lost Distillery produces their interpretations of whiskies that are no longer in production. What makes this company so cool and unique is they have an archival team that curates evidence on how the whisky might have actually tasted from way back when from different distilleries all over Scotland. This is being led by professor Michael Moss from the University of Glasgow.

The fine folks at The Lost Distillery Company gave the Hapa Mag team some samples of what they produce and we were more than happy to try them out.

Please note that we are by no means “whisky experts.” Our opinions are purely based on personal taste. I mean, the way I think it’s best to enjoy some whisky is with french fries or instant ramen. Don’t judge me. It’s an amazing combo.



Jericho - Benachie Distillery 1824 - 1913

Benachie Classic 43% ABV

Smell: peaty, caramel, hint of spice

Taste: spicy, peaty, reminds me of scotch, sweet, very warming

I could easily drink this one with any meal. It’s easy going down and has a lovely finish.

The Gerston Distilleries 1796 - 1882 & 1886 - 1914

Gerston Archivist 46% ABV

Smell: very peaty, spicy

Taste: overpoweringly peaty, but smooth, sweet aftertaste

This to me was way tooo peaty, and I’m not a fan of that taste. But if you love peaty flavors, you’ll drink this right up!

The Towiemore Distillery 1898 - 1931

Towiemore Classic 43% ABV

Smell: mild, caramel

Taste: spicy, and sweet, with spicy aftertaste

This was just lovely to sip. I really enjoyed how smooth it was going down. I think this was probably my favorite out of everything I tried.



Alex Chester is the creator and producer of the theatre company WeSoHapa - a theatre based on diversity and inclusion. She is a New York City based columnist for On Stage Blog and contributing writer for ManhattanDigest.com and HuffPo. She also hosts a podcast with fellow writer Melissa Slaughter,  We're Not All Ninjas. Follow her on Twitter/Instagram @AlexFChester if you like food and cats.