Whisky Reviews: Jura Whisky

By Melissa Slaughter



Whisky is for winter; that’s my take. Whisky is for cool nights, wool blankets, and smoldering fireplaces. But what kind of whisky? I like a lighter, sweeter whisky. So sue me if peaty whisky makes me think of sheep and dirt. I started drinking real whisky (i.e., Oban, Lagavulin, Cragganmore) when I began working at a chocolate company after college. Before that, I had sipped on whisky out of plastic bottles like a typical artsy college student. Nowadays, I prefer to drink whisky in a hot toddy on a cold night.



Jura Seven Wood 42% ABV

Seven Wood is my kind of whisky. Smooth and sweet with an pseudo-woodsy aftertaste. It’s a great sipping whisky for a conversation in front of a fire. I added an ice cube to mine, giving it an almost syrupy texture. For anyone looking to sip on a glass and stare at your newly lit holiday home, give this one a try!

Jura 18 Year Old 44% ABV

There’s only one way for me to describe this whisky: spicy!! This single malt packs a fiery punch as it dances down your gullet. With sharp hints of cinnamon and holiday aromatics, this is a whisky I’d use for mulled wine, eggnog, or a hot toddy. If you have a holiday cocktail party in your future, spice things up with Jura 18.



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