Artist Profile: SprattyDuck

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“Get An Undercut” by SprattyDuck

“Get An Undercut” by SprattyDuck

What is your name/brand name?

Spratty Lin, but I go by SprattyDuck online

What makes you Hapa?

Technically, I'm quapa, but who's counting? When I was a young kid, my obachan played a pretty big part in my life. Both of my parents worked full-time jobs so she basically took care of me and my brother until I started first grade. After she passed away, my dad moved into her house and her presence never really left.

We held onto our heritage in small, but important ways -- my dad never learned Japanese, and I had forgotten most of mine by second grade. But we still had food, leaving our shoes at the door, and yelling "I'm home!" or "I'm leaving!" whenever we came and left the house.

What kind of art do you create?

I draw comics and illustrations.

If applicable, how does being Hapa apply to your work?

It probably comes out the most in my writing. I have a habit of creating characters with bicultural histories. Maybe they don't have the language of their parent culture, but they certainly have felt its influence.

How long have you been an artist/crafter/creator?

I've been an artist pretty much my entire life. You could say that it runs in my family. My obachan was a painter and passed on her love of art to my dad and uncle, who in turn passed it on to me and my brother (my brother is a filmmaker).

“Slimeboi” by SprattyDuck

“Slimeboi” by SprattyDuck

What's your favorite gift you've ever received or given?

I really love making gifts for people, and one year (2015, I think it was) I painted custom T-shirts for all of my friends. Seeing them actually wearing them was the best feeling.

What are your favorite holiday traditions?

My one roommate is Issei and brought with her the whole "eating fried chicken on Christmas" thing and I positively love it.

What are your favorite pieces of your work?

I'm pretty proud of the Lady Gaga poster that I drew a while back. It took me ages, but I really like the way it turned out.

Where can people find your work? (Physical location or website)

My website and my store.

What are your social media handles (IG or Twitter)?

Instagram/Twitter: @sprattyduck

“Rocket #9” by SprattyDuck

“Rocket #9” by SprattyDuck