Hide-Chan, Midtown East

Ramen Name: Classic Ramen (since 1963)

Includes: Pork, Scallion, Kikurage Mushrooms

Broth Type: Tonkotsu (pork bone broth)

Noodle Type: Wavy & Firm (you get to pick type and firmness of noodle)

Spice Factor: None. No need. It's perfect without.

Price: $10

Places of Interest Nearby: Bloomingdale's, Dylan's Candy Bar, Radiance Tea House, Circus Arts school.


I have always thought that I don't like tonkotsu broth, but that changed with my visit to Hide- Chan. Upon first slurp, I uttered, "Ho. Ly. Shit." It is at once smooth, creamy, salty, and all without being too thick which is sometimes what I find with tonkotsu broths. I daresay that this broth is perfect. You get to choose your type of noodle, and I was happy with my "wavy & firm" choice. The two slices of pork are a decent amount, but what makes this bowl outstanding is the perfect broth. I wanted to finish it all even after my noodles were gone, but I feared falling into a salt coma. Though death by salt would not a bad way to die. It's a smaller bowl, so do order an appetizer and/or dessert. The yuzu sorbet that I had post ramen was a wonderfully citrusy end to a delightful meal.