Bassanova Ramen, Chinatown

Ramen Name: Tondoku Yuzu Wadashi

Includes: Pork, Scallions, Bamboo, Yuzu, Fish Paste, Black Pepper, Fried Onions, Seaweed

Broth Type: Pork and Fish

Noodle Type: Wavy (you can pick your noodle and they have gluten free noodles for those off gluten

Spice Factor: A Slight Peppery Kick

Price: $14

TIP: Add okra for $1 for fun texture and crunch.

Places of Interest Nearby: TenRen Tea, Chinatown Ice Cream Factory, Little Italy, Doyer St. which has been featured in many a movie

Before I started The Ramen Project, I had previously visited Bassanova for their green curry ramen, which had been on my list for awhile. I had been skeptical because it sounded gimmicky. I was pleasantly surprised by how yummy and fresh the food was. This second visit reinforced that Bassanova is, in my opinion, in the top 5 ramen houses in NYC.

My bowl had both a wonderful broth and scrumptious pork; I have generally found that one usually usurps the other for best feature in a bowl, but both broth and pork were vying for first place in the bowl. I had chosen a pork and fish broth and I really enjoyed the creaminess of the pork alongside the yummy fishy quality. The Yuzu (Japanese citrus) is a flavour that is one my favorites. I've had it in sorbet form, tea form, and had a kick-ass shio yuzu ramen bowl in Seattle. That bowl is still one of the most remarkable bowls of ramen I've ever had because of the delicate and beautiful way the yuzu flavour accompanied the rest of the bowl, and Bassanova’s broth falls under that as far as the yuzu goes, but it is a really really good bowl of ramen. I wouldn't say this spot is for traditionalists but for those who have an adventurous palate yet still look for fresh, quality ingredients.

Lastly, the restaurant encourages its patrons NOT to tip, which I assume means they are paying their staff a livable wage instead of relying on patrons to pay their staff in tips, and that is a movement I feel we must fully support. You got my vote, Bassanova!