A Letter From Alex Chester - September 2018

OMG you guys. We are celebrating the one-year anniversary of our first publication. Holy cow! Hurray! It’s been a pretty cool year at that too.

I never even imagined the sense of community that would come together from the creation of Hapa Mag. The little Hapa in me is squealing with delight knowing I am not alone… That my struggles and joys are universal, and that my crazy hair days aren’t just mine. and my love for boba isn’t my own.

We Hapas are taking over the mother effing-world! Being mixed has its ups and downs, but knowing there’s a community that is positive and ready to support each other gives me great hope for this very scary world we live in.

Thank you to my amazing team who continue to inspire me. Thank you for believing in HM. Thank you for your time, commitment, patience, and hard work! You guys are the best! Seriously, thank you for everything.

And thank you to our awesome contributors and readers.  Here’s to another year full of great content! Cheers!

Photo by Leland Bobbé

Photo by Leland Bobbé