Hapa Sushi Roll

We asked Bryan Sekine of Secrets of Sushi to create a one-of-a-kind Hapa Roll, in honor of Hapa Mag's One Year Anniversary Issue. What Bryan put together was beyond what we expected. 

Check out his Hapa Roll here and subscribe to his channel, Secrets of Sushi for more! 


Bryan Sekine is a 27 year old, half-Japanese sushi chef and his passion is teaching others. Growing up, he had a very artistic family.  From an early age, he placed a lot of importance on art and teaching. Bryan has worked in sushi bars since 2018. Inspired by the need for more sustainable sushi, he recorded his first Youtube video for Secrets of Sushi in 2015. Subscribe to Secrets of Sushi on Youtube, and follow Bryan at @secrets_of_sushi