Favorite Trader Joe's Items


Pumpkin Ice Cream

Alex Chester

Dear Lord, trying to figure out my favorite Trader Joe’s item is nearly impossible. How do I even narrow it down when TJ is where I get 90% of my groceries each week. However, I decided to go with a seasonal item: Pumpkin Ice Cream. I realize this is “totally basic white girl” of me, but it is so damn good. It comes out right at the beginning of October and stays through November. You basically have a two month window to indulge in this pumpkin spice creamy yumminess. I probably eat about a pint a week.


Matt Blank

Sometimes it’s not enough to just be a cheap piece of shit. Sometimes, I want to simultaneously adopt an over-inflated sense of self-importance for no good reason. Sometimes I want to battle tremendous, smelly, long-haired crowds of people who I’m sure are attractive in certain lighting in the pursuit of low-priced, trendy groceries about one step up in quality from the imported off-brand cereal you can get at Jack’s Dollar Store. Sometimes I like existing within the impressive lie that is this bargain-priced utopia of good feelings and poor earning power. Going grocery shopping is basic. It’s common. But to acquire tremendous quantities of mediocre product and feel like I’m doing good in the world… well that’s the stuff dreams are made of, kid. Also, I like their sparkling lemonade a lot.

Power Berries

Melissa Slaughter

Whenever my mom and I travel, we pick up Trader Joe’s Power Berries: sweet little berry balls covered in dark chocolate. Are they actually as healthy and vitamin filled as the label states? Surely not, but really, who cares? They’re perfect road trip food and a staple in my travel bag.


Frozen Mango Chunks

Rebecca Lee Lerman

I love making homemade smoothies and juices with a lot of different fruits and vegetables mixed in. Frozen Mango Chunks are a great addition to any concoction, not to mention they make a great snack--- you can pick a piece right out of the frozen bag, let it melt in your mouth and cool off on a hot day.

Cold Brew Latte popsicles

Alison Lea Bender

These pops taste like freezing cold and creamy coffee, and are just the best.

Blueberry Vanilla Chevre

Autumn Henry

I decided not to gush about my household staples of Bamba Peanut snacks or the Corn and Chili salsa from Trader Joe’s and go with an item that leapt into my cart for the first time recently. The Blueberry Vanilla Chevre is a gorgeous and generous log of creamy tangy goat cheese and delightfully wrapped in a blanket of tiny preserved blueberries. It’s a dream. I was inspired to use it in a salad of baby greens, golden beets and peas all tossed in a homemade cherry mustard vinaigrette topped with the Blueberry Vanilla Chevre crumbles and soft boiled eggs. It was a winner.

Speculoos Cookie Butter

Sam Tanabe

I am a big fan of the Trader Joe’s Speculoos Cookie Butter. I always go with the original: smooth, because I like to add a scoop to the fruit smoothies I make in the morning. You only need to use a small spoonful!

Reader's Picks: 

Nicole Pasquale (@nicolepasquale):  Dark chocolate covered cherries. Trader Joe's is my favorite candy store.

Kathy Yamamoto (@yamadrama): TJ's Soyrizo

Sarah Claspell (@claspy): Scandanavian Swimmers

Michael Cruz Kayne (@mjckayn): Crispy Crunchy Mochi Rice Nuggets

Lilan Bowden (@yourfriendlilan): Frozen food Fusilli

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