Video: Spicy Ramen Challenge

By Alison Lea Bender & Sam Tanabe


Alison and Sam finally get around to the Spicy Ramen Challenge

We know... so two thousand and late.


Check out how they handle the heat of these hot instant Korean noodles with 2x's spicy packets!

(feat. special Hapa Mag guest Christian Dan Luu)


Alison Lea Bender

Alison Lea Bender Alison Lea Bender is a multi-hyphenate who defies conventional categorization and refuses to be pigeonholed. She is an avid champion for diversity, representation, inclusion in the arts, and the AAPI & POC communities. Some have called her the voice of a generation, some have called her a dangerous threat to society, but most of us just call her "my friend." The self-proclaimed "Hello Kitty meets Marilyn Monroe," Mizz Bender has performed on many a NYC stage as a muse to her many theatre friends and family. She can be followed on Instagram @AlisonLeaBender.

Sam Tanabe

Sam Tanabe is a NYC based performer and writer for Hapa Mag. He has performed on Broadway, Off-Broadway, and regional theatres across the country. His passion for the arts has led him to fight for diversity and representation on stage. Follow this kawaii yonsei hapa bb on social media @Tanablems.