Staff Picks: Sunscreen


Alba Botanica

Alex Chester

Alba Botanica

Autumn actually recommended this sunscreen to me. I wanted something that would hydrate, nourish, and protect without any harsh chemicals. The last thing I want is to worry that my sunscreen is going to give me cancer. Alba uses 100% vegetarian ingredients and is super affordable. I usually pay $7 - $12 for a 4 oz. tube.


Alison Lea Bender


Love my K-beauty lines. I love most of their UV protection sunscreens as they are fast-absorbing and make my skin feel soft to the touch. “Use sunscreen on your face everyday!” A friendly reminder from your favorite Korean noona -- ME!

Neutrogena Dry-Touch SPF 100

Rebecca Lee Lerman


Gotta love a product that says SPF 100. I don’t just use this during the summer, I slather this all over my body every season to protect myself from damaging UV rays. I credit my youthful look to being part-Asian, hydration, and SPF 100 all year round.

The spray kind

Lauren Hardie

Spray Sunscreen

While good judgment would suggest spray sunscreen is garbage (and for some very valid reasons, including chemical inhalation), I don’t care. There’s a triangle of skin right in the middle of my back that would never get that SPF 50 if not for the gaseous fumes of spray sunscreen.

I generally try to be considerate and kind to the earth and the people around me. Except when I spray on my sunscreen. If you happen to be downwind of me and my spray, and you think I’m being a sunscreen jerk, well then I invite you to do the honors and apply standard lotion sunscreen to my upper back for me. What’s that? Touching a stranger is weird? Well then. *sprays sunscreen around*

Long story short

Autumn Henry

IS Clinical
Sun Defence Minerals

My answer is strictly regarding the face and it has two parts, each with two options -- physical or chemical/physical blends. Physical sunscreens allow rays to bounce off the skin whereas chemical blends absorb and convert harmful rays, but can be irritating and inflaming to some skin. The first application of environmental protection (sunscreen) should happen in your morning routine or at least 10 minutes before sun exposure. For a mineral-based option I am experimenting with Environ’s RAD sunscreen with an SPF of 30. I am loving their entire line and while I feel like this product is just a tad chalky (as physical sunscreens tend to be) simply mixing in a few drops of face oil perfects the consistency for me. IS Clinical has been an incredible performance line for me for years and their Extreme Protect SPF 30 (physical/chemical blend) is a gorgeous moisturizer overall.

The second part to my answer is all about reapplication. Most sunscreens really only perform well in the sun for about two hours. So, if you’re outside all day you’re going to need to reapply to keep from burning and to preserve your youth. I especially love an application method that doesn’t have me slathering more product onto my often sweaty summer face. For a physical option I love the Sun Defence Minerals by Eminence. It’s a powder with a built-in brush that comes in multiple shades or a translucent option. My sensitive-skinned BFF turned me onto Supergoop’s Defense Refresh Setting Mist which is a stellar spray product for an easy re-up on your physical/chemical SPF.

Bottom line, wear sunscreen! You’ll thank yourself.

As long as it keeps me looking young

Gen Parton Shin


The one that will keep me looking young.

Australian Gold

Sam Tanabe

Australian Gold

Don’t tell Autumn, but I love the Australian Gold tanning lotion. It does have some SPF in it, but definitely not enough. It’s one of my favorite scents in the world, for nostalgic reasons. It reminds me of growing up going to the beach and summertime weekends out on the boat with friends. I’m also a fan of the koala wearing sunglasses on the front.

The sport kind?

Olivia Chen

Sport Sunscreen

Not picky on brand, but if I’m going to the beach I apply lotion everywhere to start the day and then use spray to reapply. Lotioning is not fun when you have sand everywhere.