Staff Picks: Boba


Muscat Green Tea with Boba, Light Ice, 30% Sugar, No Milk

Alex Chester

Green Boba.jpg

My favorite Boba Tea spot in NYC has to be Boba Guys. They offer unique flavors that are real, none of that artificial bullshit.

Honeydew Milk Tea with Boba, 30% Sugar

Alison Lea Bender

Honeydew Boba.jpg

Just sweet enough. Mellow and creamy flavor. Plus the pastel green color is very appetizing to me.

Chocolate Milk Tea

Rebecca Lee Lerman

Chocolate Boba.jpg

It has chocolate. Enough said!

Classic Milk Tea

Lauren Hardie

Earl Gray Boba.jpg

I love a good classic. I’m also lazy AF. The effort it takes to try every single flavor to come up with my own personal favorite is usually more than I can handle. When I want my boba, I want it *now.* Milk tea, tapioca pearls, light ice, no sugar. Next.

Purple Yam and Brown sugar boba

Autumn Henry

Taro Boba.jpg

I am no bubble tea connoisseur. I had my first over 20 years ago when I was a bratty Navy brat living in Japan. The process of ordering one was cute, the presentation was cute, and I enjoyed all the mouth feels. Fast forward to a few weeks ago when I walked by the newly arrived Debutea down on Thompson street. I’d noticed this place a trillion times but that day it was warm, they had the doors wide open, and inside was a horde of Asian millennials so I had to stop. Debutea apparently is known for its cheese tea, which is apparently “coming for” your boba tea. I’ll try a cheese variety next time but that day I went for the purple yam and brown sugar boba tea. It was gorgeous! Chunky with silky violet yam and tender chewy brown sugar pearls -- it did not disappoint. Worth the price tag and the questionable service.

Milk Tea with pudding, 50% sugar

Gen Parton Shin

Earl Gray Boba.jpg

I love slurping the pudding through the straw.

Strawberry Green Tea with small white pearls

Melissa Slaughter

Strawberry Boba.jpg

Pssst -- can I tell you a secret? I don’t like the big black tapioca balls. There’s something about the texture that makes me unhappy. That mouth feel tho. But if I’m gonna chew my beverage and drink cold tea, it’s gonna be a fruit tea. Specifically a Boba Guys Strawberry Fruit Tea (Boba Guys, please sponsor us!). I love the smaller white pearls in a chilly sweet drink. And I can’t wait to drink one every day this summer.

Lychee Oolong, Light Ice, 50% Sugar, +Boba (+Grass Jelly if we’re feeling wild)

Sam Tanabe


I basically live for boba tea. Just look at my social media. Fav shop is Boba Guys.

Coconut Milk Tea

Olivia Chen

Coco Boba.jpg

Light sugar and light on the bubbles. I do like the texture, but sometimes they get in the way if I’m just trying to drink my tea.

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