Welcome to Hapa Mag: the First Online Magazine of it's Kind


I came up with this idea for several reasons, the main one being I didn't have time to keep up my blog Me So Hapa. So, I gathered my Hapa peeps together and said, “Let's create an online publication for Hapas,” and so began our journey creating Hapa Mag.

I hope that you find our quarterly magazine fun, informative and full of our unique perspectives. Hapa isn't just a word to describe someone who is half-Asian. Here at Hapa Mag, “Hapa" means community, tribe, a place where there is love and freedom to be you!

By creating Hapa Mag, I hope you will find the community I, and so many of us, did not have growing up. I hope our articles will help bridge the gap between cultures.

Creating this has been one of the best experiences of my life. Not only do I get to work with my best friends, but we get to share our Hapa community with the world.

Thank you, Matt, Diane, Melissa, Sam, Alison, Naomi, Autumn, Rebecca and Kevin. Here's to our tribe and bringing people together!

- Alex